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New for 2012: S-Series – Small Frame Pumps are in Production

LobePro has added a completely new pump series to their ever growing line of rotary lobe pumps. After a lengthy design and trial process, this new frame services is ready for production. The new small frame S8 and S16 models will serve to meet the needs of customers with lower flow requirement.

The S-Series will be ideal for metering, sludge and many OEM applications where the current M34 is too large. The S8 has 72 gpm maximum capacity (8 gallons maximum flow per 100 rpm), and 175 psi maximum working pressure. The S16 has 144 gpm maximum capacity (16 gallons maximum flow per 100 rpm), and 150 psi maximum working pressure. With a rated rpm of 0 – 900 rpm, the pumps feature LobePro’s six wing lobes and have options for stainless steel components. GS8 and GS16 are for general use; SS8 and SS16 are for sludge, mud and slurry; and CS8 and CS16 are for chemical and corrosive. These are available as API 676 Compliant pumps.

The corrosive resistance stainless steel pumps are ideally suited for pumping most polymers because of their near pulseless measured flow, which produces the correct pressure without valves. The S pumps feature field rebuildable cartridge seals. Rotary lobe pumps are often selected in place of other PD pumps because they are compact, can be repaired in place, can run dry, are self-priming, and have reversible operation capabilities.