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Chemical Industry

There are many applications where a rotary lobe pump provides better performance than a centrifugal pump because of the properties of rotary lobe pumps. In addition, rotary lobe pumps are generally more energy efficient than centrifugal pumps. This is an important consideration as studies show that energy costs typically represent 80-87% of a pump’s total lifetime costs.

LobePro manufactures both grey iron and stainless steel pumps. Our “C” series stainless steel pumps are manufactured for chemical and corrosive applications. Typical applications of “C” series stainless steel pumps include epoxy and polyester resins, paints and coatings, corrosive sludges and fluids containing abrasives, cement mud, corrosive chemicals, and chemicals that require low shear and/or measured flow. A variety of elastomers, coatings and materials are available to suit your requirements. Our engineering staff is available for assistance. Our pumps are self-priming, reversible, and can run dry.

Pulp & Paper Industry

Rotary lobe pumps are used in the Pulp & Paper industry for the following applications: clay slurry, paper coating TI02 pigment, bio-solids waste sludge, resins, soap scums, latex, and starch slurries. LobePro’s line of rotary lobe pumps can be customized to work within these applications. In fact, API 676 pumps and stainless steel wet end pumps (API-Series) are available if required for the application.

Sugar Industry

Thick juices, molasses, sugar syrups, waste sludge, and crystalline sugar syrup are all good applications because of a rotary lobe pump’s ability to handle high viscosity fluids while providing a low shear, low pulsation and measured flow. LobePro C-Series pumps are designed to handle these applications.

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