LobePro Difference | Over PC Pumps

Why Choose a LobePro Positive Displacement Rotary Lobe Pump Instead of a Progressive Cavity Pump?

LobePro pumps can be used in most transfer processes involving thick or thin sludgemud and slurries. They have the following advantages over progressive cavity pumps:

  1. Ability to run dry for a period of time. Progressive cavity pump stators will be destroyed if run dry, even for a brief period.
  2. Sharply lower maintenance and repair cost.
  3. Require approximately 1/3 their physical space. In addition, progressive cavity pumps need additional space for removing the rotor and stator.
  4. LobePro rotary pump lobes, seals and wearplates can be replaced in place without removing piping. Remove 4 bolts and one person can have access to all wear parts. Larger progressive cavity pumps often take two, sometimes three men to repair.
  5. Additionally, progressive cavity pumps are famous for “ragging” caused by their eccentric motion. The inherent design difference in a lobe pump allows rags and hair to pass through the pump.
  6. Premature wear of progressive cavity pumps often caused by not having enough stages. Moyno’s Chief Engineer recommends “10-20 psi per stage on abrasive applications when long life is desired”. Often this is not done because of the high initial cost.