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The recent rate of innovation in production from Biosolids has been amazing. However, one consistent requirement is the need for low shear, pulseless pumping of viscous material (often containing 2% or greater solids). Just as important is pumping at a measured flow rate and pressure. LobePro rotary lobe pumps excel in this. LobePro pumps are available in capacities up to 2000 gpm and pressure capability up to 150 PSI. The pumps are happy to run clockwise or counter clockwise. This allows one pump to both load and unload or back flush. (For other properties see Properties of Rotary Lobe Pumps).

If you wish, we can combine our pumps with a centrifuge, grinder and/or an auger to develop a Bio/ Solids handling system tailor made for your application. Just email for a consultation.


Rotary lobe pumps are used for pumping and spreading manure and farm chemicals, and pumping to and from anaerobic digesters. They can be driven by PTO’s, hydraulically, engine, or motors as desired. The ability to run the pump in either direction is especially useful where the same pump is used to fill and drain the same tank or pit.



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