Applications | Chlorides, Hydroxides, H2S

Chlorides, Hydroxides, H2S

Our Stainless Steel C-Series line of Chemical and Corrosive Pumps satisfactorily handle many chemical and corrosive applications. However, sometimes a different type of stainless steel such as Duplex Steel is required. These include applications with fluids containing chlorides, hydroxides, fluorides, bromides or H2S. Such applications are frequently found in Oil & Gas processing.

For more details on these applications see “Corrosive Engineering” Additionally duplex is specified instead of 316 SS in applications which are both corrosive and abrasive because duplex is tougher and more robust than 316 Stainless Steel.

LobePro stocks duplex steel parts for fast delivery of our D-Series duplex steel wet end pumps in a broad range of sizes. All LobePro Duplex parts are solution annealed and passivated. This is very important to obtaining the best resistance to chloride corrosion, pitting and cracking.

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