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According to Waste Water columnist “Dr Sludge”, users are dissatisfied with their sludge pump in approximately 60% of all new installations. He attributes this primarily to poor engineering and installation.

LobePro is committed to making sure our sludge pumps are a success for our customers.

Why would our pump be a success when 60% of users are dissatisfied with their sludge pump?

  • First of all, our pump is a Positive Displacement (PD) Pump. Only Positive Displacement Pumps are suitable for pumping sludge with greater than 3% solids according to a Hydraulic Institute study. If you don’t select a positive displacement pump for your sludge application you will have problems.
  • Second, we use a Rotary Lobe positive displacement pump which is compact, easy to maintain, inexpensive to repair, and can be run dry for a limited amount of time. Some positive displacement pump types, such as progressive cavity pumps, take up a lot of space, are expensive and difficult to repair, and cannot be run dry. This naturally causes user dissatisfaction.
  • Third, we have an experienced Sludge Engineering staff available for consultation. Sludge is tricky stuff to pump. If the proper sludge engineering is not done, the wrong pump, motor, pipe size and pipe layout can easily be selected. This is another source of dissatisfaction.
  • Fourth, because of experience and attention to detail, we manufacture the most reliable rotary lobe pump. Our sister company has put over 1.5 million hours on its fleet of 250 rotary lobe rental pumps. This gives us feedback on problems and a safe place to field test solutions. Our competitors don’t have this opportunity and it shows.
  • Lastly, when you buy a pump from LobePro, we guarantee shipment of the replacement wearpart within 48 hours of order receipt or the parts are free. Getting parts for our competitor’s foreign made pumps is often a problem and of course this is another reason for higher user dissatisfaction.

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