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Pumping in the Oil and Gas Industry

Rotary Lobe Pumps can handle abrasives, self-prime, pump thick viscous materials, and can pump a steady GPM flow up to 2000 GPM at steady pressures up to 150 PSI. This has lead to them being used in many oil and gas applications. They are used for pumping clean drilling fluid, feeding decanting centrifuges, and for treating water produced in the upstream business. They are excellent as booster pumps in pipelines for oil containing abrasives and are often applied to handle waste oil. They are a preferred solution for pumping jet fuel and diesel from tanks requiring a suction lift because of their self priming capability.

We make an API 676 pump that complies to API 676 with the exception of the seals. We manufacture an oil lubricated cartridge seal which we have found to be long lasting and leak free that is field proven in many tough applications.

LobePro Rotary Lobe Pumps work well in the following Oil and Gas Applications:

  • Pumping Oil Sumps containing Abrasives
  • Fuel Transfer Applications
  • Feed Pump for Vapor-Liquid Separator
  • Feed Pump for Produced Water Filtration
  • Feed Pump for Decantering Centrifuge
  • Feed Pump for Belt Press
  • Induced Gas Floation Froth Applications
  • Desand Slop Applications
  • Pumping Non-Vented Tanks

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