Our Company | History


LobePro’s history really begins in 1978 when Holland Pump Manufacturing (HPM) started manufacturing pumps in Florida. In 2005, HPM opened a large new plant in Georgia. The rotary lobe pumps manufactured by Holland Pump Manufacturing of Ga. were sold under the LobePro tradename. As LobePro continued to grow Holland Pump Manufacturing of Ga. formed a separate subsidiary, LobePro Inc., so that its management could be solely focused on making the best possible rotary lobe pumps.

Holland Pump Manufacturing, Inc.’s key managers operated a fleet of rental pumps that included 250 rotary lobe pumps built by a German manufacturer. During this time, we put over 1.5 million hours on these rotary lobe pumps. Through careful tracking of failures, repairs and maintenance, these key managers realized that many improvements were required and that these improvements could be made without changing the basic design of the pumps.

LobePro began by building large frame rotary lobe pumps (SL266 and SL531d) specifically designed for pumping sludge or slurries. Our Large Frame line now includes the following pump sizes: SL133, SL133h, SL266, SL266h, SL399, SL399h and SL531h.

In 2007, LobePro hired two regional managers to create and manage an expanding dealer network. LobePro expanded our product offering again to include our Medium Frame (M-Frame) line for sludge or slurries. This pumps include: SM34, SM50, SM68, and SM100.

In 2009, LobePro opened a sales office in China, which is managed by our Mechanical Engineer William Tan. LobePro also received our ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2009. In 2010, LobePro Engineer Nico Ramos started working towards CE and Atex certifications for the European market. We started expanding the product line into API 676 Compliant pumps.

2011 was a productive year for LobePro. We received CE and Atex certifications. We also created the API-Series for API 676 Compliant pumps in the Oil and Gas Industry and introduced a new frame size of pumps, the S-Frame or small frame. The frame line includes two sizes, SS8 and SS16.

In 2012, we hired a full-time Quality Assurance Manager to continue increasing our pump quality. In 2013, we continued creating improvements to our pump line including the creation of a rebuildable cartridge seal, new steel core lobes and design changes to the pumps themselves.

In 2014, LobePro began expanding both its sales force into the West Coast and its material product line with the addition of stock Duplex SS materials.

In 2015, LobePro continued to expand its sales and engineering team. LobePro also introduced an upgrade to the small frame (S-frame) series, the ProForm. This one-piece unit allows for unique barrier protection for corrosive applications.

In 2017, LobePro began working on a new design for the high-pressure L-frame pumps. The result was the new H-door design in 2018. Also, in 2018, LobePro received ISO 9001:2015 certification.

As of today, we manufacture 13 models available in three series: S-Series: Sludge, Mud, Slurries & General Use applications; C-Series: Corrosives & Chemicals; and D-Series: Duplex Pumps for Abrasives & Corrosives. Each line is also available in an API 676 Compliant version.

All are built and assembled in the USA. We guarantee shipment of wear parts within 2 working days of receiving an order or the parts are free. This applies for the first 5 years after a LobePro pump is purchased.