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Food Processing

In the food process industry, our pumps are commonly used for pumping sludge in the waste stream to and from belt presses and centrifuges because of their ability to pump thick, viscous and/or abrasive materials containing hard solids up to 1/8” (3 mm) with a metered, pulseless flow. LobePro Stainless Steel C-Series pumps are designed to handle these applications.


LobePro pumps offer the following benefits in wine production. Pumps have a large internal cavity at is gentle on grapes and run at a low rpm with a low shear design. They are also self-priming and can easily pump viscous fluids.

LobePro’s low shear lobe design has its own list of benefits. The low shear lobe design is gentle on seeds & skins which enables better tannin management; are more forgiving with foreign objects in system (metal staples etc.) and is a great solution for delicate applications.

Advanced four wing helix lobes are available for near pulseless flow with NBR, Viton, and EPDM coatings. Three and four 4 wing stainless steel lobes also available.

LobePro pumps also meet the following engineered pumping solutions.

  • Engineered Problem: Must to fermentor or press
  • LobePro Solution: Large internal cavity is gentle on delicate grapes.

  • Engineered Problem: Pump Over
  • LobePro Solution: high flow, high head, and low shear results in low oxygen pick-up

  • Engineered Problem: Pomace
  • LobePro Solution: great self-priming ability and more gentle than screw conveyor

  • Engineered Problem: Wine Transfer
  • LobePro Solution: Self-priming, variable flow with controls

  • Engineered Problem: Filtration
  • LobePro Solution: Predictable flow over wide range of pressures

LobePro C-Series pumps are designed to handle these applications.

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