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2 Day Guarantee: We will ship your standard wear parts in 2 days or they’re free!*

  • When you purchase a LobePro rotary lobe pump, your standard wear part orders will be shipped within 2 working days of order receipt or the parts are free!
  • This guarantee applies for 5 years after the purchase of a LobePro pump.

Customer Commitment

That’s right…we are one of the largest users of lobe pumps in the world and have hundreds of rotary lobe pumps in our own fleet used in the construction dewatering industry—and you guessed right, spare parts availability is a must. We stock all spare parts at our Brunswick, GA facility. No more long-lead times or frustration on foreign made pumps/parts.

Ongoing Spare Parts Innovations: We are continuously testing and looking for ways to improve our pumps. Our experience has taught us that subtle changes in design can make life a lot easier for the end user.

Also Available: Factory Repair and Upgrade:

Take advantage of the many technological and engineering upgrades that the latest LobePro design has to offer.
LobePro pumps are “Made in the USA” and feature:

  • Improved wear plates and housing segments.
  • LobePro mechanical seals have been “proven in the field” in everyday use by our customer base.
  • LobePro mechanical seals do not require a pressure bottle containing reserve seal oil.

To order replacement parts, request RMA for pump evaluation, or a drop-in replacement pump, contact LobePro Customer Service. Be sure to include your pump model and serial number so we can provide an accurate quote.